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There isn’t currently much data about the menopause and trans people. However, anyone with a female reproductive system who identifies as a man, but hasn’t undergone any medical interventionsis likely to go through menopause eventually. 

Most trans people who start their transition at pre-menopausal age will never go through menopause in terms of the hormone depletion effects. This is because gender affirming hormones are typically given for life, so if a trans person starts hormone treatment before going through menopause they will never experience it.  

For trans women taking oestrogen, there is no need to withdraw oestrogen treatment at any particular age to induce menopause. It was previously thought that there was a risk associated with lifelong oestrogen treatment, but although the dosage might be reduced in some circumstances, this no longer seems to be the case. 

Get informed + by reading about the symptoms of menopauseIf you have any concerns or questions about menopause, talk to your GP, who can advise you and signpost you to further support. 

If you feel uncomfortable talking to your GP about your menopause symptoms for any reason, Stonewall has a list of NHS organisations that are Diversity Champions and an information service that can offer advice on who to contact. You can call them on 08000 50 20 20. 

As more information around trans people and the menopause comes to light, we’ll bring you the latest research updates.