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Life after menopause

Life After Menopause

Some people relish a life after menopause; no need to worry about periods or buy sanitary products, no concerns about contraception or getting pregnant. However, menopause can bring about changes with your body.

For some people, disturbed sleep during menopause continues afterwards, and may require some good sleep hygiene methods or even sleep training to get back on track.

For others, vaginal dryness can be a common problem. This can be treated with lubricants or vaginal moisturisers. See our factsheet for information on vaginal dryness +.


Some people continue to take HRT + long beyond their actual menopause to address some of the symptoms. This is a decision that should be taken in conjunction with your GP or medical professional to ensure that it’s a suitable treatment option for you.

Health conditions

Being post-menopausal can increase your risk of other health conditions, so it is important to go for your regular cancer screenings such as cervical and breast. Other health changes post-menopause can include thinning hair, dry eyes, bone or joint issues like osteoporosis and arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and urinary tract infections. This means it’s as important to look after your health and wellbeing + and listen to your body post menopause as it is when you’re perimenopausal.

See our factsheet for information on Bone health and the menopause +