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We want you to rock your menopause

About Us

Over half the population will be affected by menopause. Why don’t we talk about it more? We want to change that. Rock My Menopause was set up to give women the confidence to recognise and discuss their symptoms and equip families, friends, employers and the wider public with information about the menopause to support women at this time of life.

Our mission

Rock My Menopause is…

A campaign to stamp out the taboo around menopause.

We’re making people menopause aware.

The menopause is inevitable; be ready to rock it.

Our Story

We set up the Rock My Menopause campaign to make society more menopause aware, whether that’s families, friends, employers or the wider public, to support people going through the menopause.

Rock My Menopause is a campaign of the Primary Care Women’s Health Forum (PCWHF), a group of 10,000 healthcare professionals with a special interest in women’s health.  It is not developed in conjunction with any pharmaceutical companies. At PCWHF, we provide expert medical guidance, direction and information about the menopause. Our work includes providing up-to-date quality education about HRT prescribing, ovarian cancer, contraception, pregnancy, PMS and more. We provide resources, events and guidance for healthcare professionals to support women with their health.

We have a wealth of expert knowledge about the menopause that many women do not have access to. We’re using our expertise to offer information to better understand the menopause, debunk myths and enable people to rock their menopause.

We aim to equip people with the information and support they need to become more menopause aware. We want women to recognise that their symptoms may be menopause and if they are affecting their quality of life, to speak to their doctor.

Although this is a public campaign, we also have a closed Facebook group for women to chat freely about their experiences of the menopause.

We hope you’ll Get involved + with our campaign and help women to #RockMyMenopause


More than 50% of the world’s population will go through the menopause. Yet many don’t really understand it, identify its symptoms or talk about it. The stigma remains. We’re changing that and asking everyone to Rock My Menopause.

a Menovist

One who speaks up for those going through the menopause : a person who openly encourages and engages in conversations around menopause and plays a part in stamping out the taboo.